March 26, 2008

Sew For Today's News...

Within the short space of 4 days, I have succeeded at starting and finishing a new dress, and a pair of curtains for my bedroom. I had this wonderful fabric in my stash, and decided to make it the focal point for a decorating make-over. Now I will find some fabric for the bedspread and make some decorator pillow from the curtain left-overs.

When I was in high school, my entire wardrobe was handmade by me. Over the years the time and motivation escaped me somehow, but today, with a renewed passion and enthusiasm, I am making it a new goal to make my daughter and myself our clothes from now on. Such a feeling of accomplishment is to be had from finishing something you create yourself. I believe what the bible says "in His image he created them" Genesis 1:27 He is our creator and the creator of all the beauty in nature that is given to us as a gift. We also are given the talents to create things and in turn give a gift to our family, our home, or our friends. To plant the seed and get the motivation growing, You can do a google search for "free_____________patterns" (you fill in the blank) for whatever you want to make, and you are most likely to find a free pattern out there to try. I did this with this cute little clutch purse: made from a remnant left over from some curtains, and a swatch of denim.

When I googled "free clutch purse pattern" I found this one at

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