November 21, 2010

The Word of God Amazes Me

Do you ever wonder why people disregard Jesus without getting to know Him? Or why some deny the glory and omnipotence of God without even reading and studying the Bible? That is a dangerous and scary way to live. When Jesus does arrive at his second coming, those of us who know the Bible are going to know what it is that is happening at that time because we have read about it. And those of us who believe it will be spared the torture of a lake of fire.  Ok, so some do not want to believe there is a God because they cannot believe God would let someone spend eternity in the lake of fire. Well the fact is that God wants everyone to be spared the consequences of eternal damnation. But the way it really works is this…if you do not choose Jesus, you are making the choice to suffer eternally. You are bringing the punishment on yourself.  God does not do the punishing.  He gave us the Son, His only begotten son, so that we can have joy and peace eternally.  It is as simple as that! What  choice have you made?  I am so grateful for my Father’s abundant love!  My choice is Jesus! What choice have you made?