December 13, 2010

Handmade Fun Foam Christmas Ornaments

Tonight I finished my handmade fun foam ornaments for my father, who is 3 states away from me in assisted living, and I wanted to send him something special to decorate his little tree to let him know how special he is. These ornaments are cut from fun foam. In the cold depth of winter, I give myself a pick-me-up working with color. I had all the supplies on hand for these in my stash.
I started with 4" x 6" foam. I just used the top of a large mug to make an indentation in the foam and then cut the circles with my scalloped scissors. Then I folded each cut circle in half and cut out a small hole in the center. You can cut as many as you like, making two pieces for each ornament. On each piece i used glitter fabric paint to make the names of my family, my kids and grandkids, with moms & dads on one side, and the kids on the other. When the paint was dry, I placed the two sides together with the design outwards. I used curling ribbon to make a small bow and stitched it on one side of the wreath ornament at the bottom. I had some small shiny beads that I stitched on, as not only a way to add some more bling, but to hide the stitching. I also stitched a loop on the top of the ornament to match the bow, also adding a bead to hide the stitching. 

Hope you have fun making these ornaments too.
And remember to keep Christ in Christmas!
Have a blessed holiday!