April 26, 2008

Free Pattern For Drawstring Purse

A perfect first little purse for your little darling. Easy to make.
No metal or plastic parts, and so adorable!

Materials needed:

1/4 yard each of fabric and lining.

1 1/2 yard of cord for drawstring.

Paper for reproducing the pattern pictured below.

Note: The dimensions given on this pattern illustration are for after the pattern is cut out. So paper should measure 9" x 6.5" if you place on fold . Cut fabric piece should be 13" wide when unfolded.


  1. Cut two each of outer fabric pieces and two of lining.
  2. Cut strap 4" x 10".
  3. Cut pocket 6" x 10"

You should have all the pieces in the next photo 1All Cut Pieces

Strap cut size will vary depending on which option you choose.

If you would like a reversible strap, cut a top and bottom piece, one from outer fabric, and one from lining fabric, each 2" x 10". Stitch them, right sides together. Turn.
(Optional): choose which fabric you would like for your strap and cut piece 4" x 10". Fold the piece in half lengthwise, press, then fold raw edges to center, press, and stitch along both sides of strap, folded edges together.

Turn under the top 2 inches of seam allowance about 1/2" and stitch. This is to finish the opening for the drawstring casing.

Pin front to back, and stitch together, leaving the opening for the casing. Turn purse right side out.

From the right side of the fabric, topstitch the opening about 3/8" away from seam.

Fold pocket in half, right sides together, and stitch, leaving an opening to turn. Then clip corners, and turn right side out and press. Stitch close to the open edge to close and form topstithcing. Center pocket on right side of one lining piece and stitch sides and bottom to lining.

Pin strap to center of outside piece and stitch in place.

Stitch lining sections together and leave an opening at the bottom to turn purse right side out.

Insert outer purse into lining and pin top edges together. Stitch top edeges together.

Turn purse right side out through opening. Tuck lining into purse, press, then topstitch very close to edge and again one inch from first stitching. This forms a casing for your drawstring.

Cut two pieces of cord, about 24" each. Using a very large safety pin, thread each cord through the casing, starting each one at opposite ends. Knot the ends to prevent fraying. There you have it!

This is my first tutorial. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions or questions. Check back for more great sewing ideas!

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Cassy said...

Your purses are adorable! I like how you posted pictures showing each step in the pattern.