June 06, 2008

VictoriaLynn Creations Now Has Collectibles Too!

Dabbling in Deltiology
I dug out a box of postcards in the course of my spring cleaning. I found most of these at estate sales and garage sales. Some of these belong in someone's special collection somewhere and some of these beautiful vintage postcards would be great upcycled into something new, a wooden trinket box with decopauge, a beautiful collage, or just to start your own collection. So I will be listing them in the Vintage Postcard section in my Etsy Shop. I love just browsing these postcards, many of which are towns and landmarks, and scenery. They give me a treat of sorts, taking a little journey through all the towns and places I have yet to experience.

This one is really hard to part with and I really think I should start a new blog on the subject of relationships and this would make a great banner, don't you think? Hmmm. Okay. I will really be thinking about that.

A beautiful postcard that was part of a series. Postmarked 1908. Labeled Theochrom Series No. 1140

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papel1 said...

I think we have 2 interests, postcards and sewing. I have been buying, collecting and selling postcards for several years. I will have to check your etsy site. Your purses are very nice.