February 17, 2009

Sew News

A Slideshow Of My Favorite Projects.

I have tons of fabric that I want to transform from mounds of stash (fabric stash, that is) into more purses and bags because I need to free up space. But then the bags are taking up space, so I will be lowering my prices in my etsy shop. I love to keep on sewing, but space is becoming quite a problem. So you can get handmade fabric purses, totes, clear vinyl purses, and little envelope card holders for a great price! In addition to already-handmade drawstring backpacks, I have listings with which you can order a backpack in your choice of fabric (pictured on the listing) and in the size you prefer. If you would like to order, it is free to join etsy, and you can contact me through the link near the bottom of any listing with the "contact the seller" link or on the right hand side there is a link to "Request Custom Item".

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