December 27, 2009

Making The New Year Pledges

Since I went back to school in September, I haven't had much time to sew, and, I have sorely neglected my etsy shop. But tonight I made some time to tidy up and add a few more items I made before the craft show. I still enjoy making drawstring backpacks. Theyare my favorite bag to make. They were the inspiration, or I should say, my daughter was my inspiration, about four years ago. She wanted a drawstring backpack in seventh grade. But she did not want just any one off the rack at the store. She wanted Disney Tinker Bell, specially handmade by Mom, and I had so much fun making it and seeing her use it and love it. Her friends also loved it, so she started taking orders, for backpacks as unique as each and every friend, and that renewed my love for sewing. I eventually opened an Etsy Shop in March of 2007.

Wow how time flies. She is a junior in high school now, and she drives, which frees up more of my time, and though I would love to be spending the time sewing, I decided to use the spare time and go back to school. I love it though. I would have never guessed ten years ago that I was destined to become a 21st century middle-aged nurd. I am finding that I love to dig for information now, writing research papers and speeches, and creating power point presentations. It is indeed, very time consuming, and does not leave me much time to sew these days.

But my heart is still in it, and today I made time to spend in my shop, and regain some inpiration to add some new backpacks, and rearrange things to spruce it up a bit.
I work a full time job during the week, too, then go to school three nights a week, and now my new years pledge is to set the organizational skills up a notch and allow time to sew at least one new bag or accessory for my shop each week.

If you haven't visited my shop, please take a minute to browse, and let me know what you think. I am always open to feedback. I have categories for many types of purses and accessories.

I thank you for taking time to look. And thank you for fueling my passion for sewing!

If you are a handmade products officiando, as myself, here is a link to take the "Handmade Pledge"

Because Handmade means made with love!

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