February 11, 2010

Help the Children of Haiti

"I am going to sponsor a child someday"; I have been telling my friends that for about the past three years, maybe longer.   About six months ago, I heard about New Missions from Christian Comedy Podcast, Mike Williams, via I-Tunes, that you can "make a difference in the life of a child",  I checked out their website and made the decision that I was going to sponsor a child through New Missions. I immediately became passionate about learning more about Haiti.

I started doing research, learning about the country of Haiti, the government situation, and how poor the people are in Haiti. This coincided with a Composition assignment at school to do a research paper, so I wrote my paper on Haiti. That became the pivotal moment, the one where you realize that God is laying it on your heart to do something.  Well, on January 12, 2010, I heard the message loud and clear. The news of the devastation that was wrought upon Haiti that day touched my heart in such a big way. I knew there was a child waiting there for me to sponsor, so without further hesitation, I signed up for my child.

So far, I just have a picture of her and information about her school. The school was damaged in the earthquake, but is still in use.New Missions is committed to staying in Haiti, and has a permanent mission there to give medical care, education, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I do not know what, if any other plans God has for me as far as serving, but I do hope to go go Haiti to meet my my sponsored child someday.

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